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2020/01/04 2017/06/08 MOD全力紹介サイト たくさんのMODを解説。目的別におすすめMOD探せるページで目当てのMODを探そう!MOD記事は全ての情報を見やすく紹介 2019/06/10 2016/03/04


Jul 13, 2020 · Mod Level. The required level of the relevant entity. For example, this can be the required item level or a monster level.. However, there are cases where this is not respected: in particular this is the case for any mods that are directly given to other entities, such as implicit mods including enchantments or monsters with innate mods. Item Level Mod Tag; 1 +(35–60) Armour while stationary: Boots(1.14%) 31 +(61–138) Armour while stationary: Boots(1.14%) 75 +(139–322) Armour while stationary This site is dedicated to providing tools for Path of Exile. The information on this site has been mostly data-mined from the game's files. There is still no guarantee that data mined files are consistent with the live server data. Aug 26, 2018 · What does item level mean? Item Level, or IL a more common reference in the game, specifically refers to progression level in the game. It is not a measurement which implies competence or skill, but simply a numeric value which represents the sum total of the following: a) Guild rank, each guild has a rank… Item Level Mod Tag; 80 (10–15) % increased Cooldown Recovery Speed Boots; 68 (3–5) % chance to Dodge Attack Hits Boots; 75 (6–8) % chance to Dodge Attack Hits Boots; 84 (9–10) % chance to Dodge Attack Hits


MODを導入する際や変更を加える際には1度Beat Saberのゲーム本体を起動し、終了すること。 Beat Saber自体のアップデートタイミングと重なると導入が上手くいかなかったり、起動自体が出来なくなる場合がある。 そして導入作業はゲームを終了している状態 … 2018/02/08 Minecraftはゲームシステムがバニラ状態でもかなり面白い。 MODを入れるともっと美しく、もっと楽しい。 この記事は影MOD「SEUS」v11.0の導入方法を解説しているページです。 ※マインクラフト1.14.4対 […] 2020/05/28 2020/06/24

CM3D2 MOD ろだI CM3D2/COM3D2関連の非公式MOD用ろだです。 中身が分かりやすいようアップロードの際は説明文を書いてください。 KISSの利用規約や法に触れるもののアップロードは遠慮願います(DLCの改造MODは規約違反です!)

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IIR/IIQ mods cannot spawn on chestpieces, weapons, belts or shields. Increased attack speed can only spawn on Weapons/Quivers, rings etc. In addition, not all mods can attain the highest level mod for every single item. For instance, the attack speed mod can reach 13% on gloves but only 7% on rings. Corruption Gear is a new gear system that comes out in patch 8.3. Some gear have a chance to become corrupted. All gear that comes out in patch 8.3 will not be able to become Titanforged and Warforged. Nov 27, 2019 · Enchanted Thumb Set (Item Level 980 / 300) [edit | edit source] Completing this collection will give you on additional bonus of 10. Homegrown from Wyllowwood, these artifacts are just what any budding gardener needs to survive the dangers in Undermountain.


Apr 07, 2018 · Very simple mod that changes the level requirement on blue and unique items, to be the same than the item level. In the normal game blue and unique items have a level requirement above the item level, that can be annoying. For example, if you find a lvl 76 blue sword : Before -- You have to be lvl 84 or match the attribute requirements to use it Jul 13, 2011 · In mod 18, they had 30% Incoming Healing, with mod 19 it's now 10%. Tanks are more impacted by this change, as they could get more than 60% Incoming Healing with their companions on top of tacticals. With just the Tactical nerf, people get 15% less healing. Critical Severity x 0.81. Critical Severity is reduced by half for healing in mod 19. Levels 3 is an innovative mod centered around the concept of adding leveling systems to weapons and armor, aimed at improving the combat system within Minecraft. With Levels 3, you will be able to use your weapons and armor to gain experience, level up, and add unique attributes providing an edge in combat. PoE Elegant Hubris Seeds. The seeds of Elegant Hubris is between 2000 and 160000. Each Timeless Jewel alters passive nodes within its radius based on its seed. The number on the mod is the seed that determines what the minor and notable passives will transform into, while the name determines which passive a Keystone in radius will transform in to.